Living Life to the Fullest with Money


Now some of you may be thinking why is this guy talking about life when this site is about making money. Truth is money controls our lives. If we don’t earn enough money to pay rent, buy food and other necessities, we are stuck working 9 to 5 Monday to Friday, if we are lucky… This limbo can last the rest of your life which is not necessary considering the world is full of opportunities!

Not everyone can be successful (the definition of success can vary) for the fact that the economy won’t allow it and some people are incapable because of their habits, ambitions, or preferences.

Being successful takes time and a lot of effort. If it was easy it wouldn’t be rewarding and everyone would be successful. Let’s be honest, if I told you coming to this site is going to make you rich fast, it would seem too good to be true. Sure some people get lucky with those schemes BUT a majority of people waste their wealth and most importantly, their time.

Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

Some people will argue money doesn’t buy happiness which I completely agree with but it does make it a lot easier to be happy. For instance, if you do not make enough money to support your family or hobbies, are you really really? I know I would be a lot happier if I have everything I have now with unlimited (or a lot more) money!

Sure you can be happy without money. I know plenty of people that have nothing and are happier than my friends with fancy cars. Buying your first fancy car is more fulfilling than the second fancy car you buy. Trust me everything has a diminishing rate of return. It comes down to perspective and being appreciative of life. My main goal here is to help individuals become wealthy but at the same time teach them how to be happy. Combining wealth and happiness creates a successful life in my opinion.


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