What It Means to be Successful?


Being, or as I like to say, feeling successful is all up to ones own opinion of what that really entails. According to the Oxford dictionary, success is “The accomplishment of an aim or purpose”. That being said, obviously not everyone is going to have the same opinion of whether someone is or is not successful. A lot of people believe that having lots of money makes you successful. I do NOT believe money is the ONLY measurement you have to take into account. Some might argue that money is all that matters and that is fine but most of those people are close-minded.

Feeling Successful is up to You Not What You Have

If I ONLY had money, and let’s say something ridiculous like $1 Billion, I would consider myself a failure. There is more to it than being rich in monetary terms. Sure money can almost buy anything but it can’t change your mindset. I believe there are three different pillars that measure success;¬†money, family/friends, and health (both physical and mental).

Family and friends are important to have a fulfilling life. Sure you can’t choose your family (except for your spouse) and some people have horrible relatives. I consider some of my friends family because I am closer to them than with some cousins that I see maybe once a year. Sharing good memories and moments with friends and family the most rewarding feeling. I consider myself extremely fortunate because lots of great friends and family members in my life.

Mind over Matter

You could have all the money in the world but if you are miserable and have a bad outlook on life then only you yourself, not money, can fix that. Consider Robin Williams for example, he had plenty of friend and money but he was struggling with mental health. No amounts of money could fix that but himself and probably help from a professional. Being physically active helps your mind and vice versa, having a positive mind effects your body in a good way. If you have nothing in life and feel successful then nothing else matter. Doesn’t matter what other people think as long as you feel that way but it’s rear in today’s society cause we are all affected by social media in one way or another.

Cash is King

I define being successful as having a sufficient amount money to do all things you want and not having to worry about earning that next dollar. Our whole society is built around having materialistic things such as fancy cars, all the newest tech items, going on fancy trips, etcs. Without money none of those are possible to have but everyone’s preferences are different. I personally would rather go on a nice relaxing trip than having the newest iPhone. But then again a new iPhone would be nice as well. I cannot consider myself 100% successful if I cannot have everything I desire while others are content and are successful to themselves with a minimalist life style.

I consider myself 81% successful and everyday I push to get to the 100% (which is not realistic). What you might think is 100% today will change with time. Most important thing to remember is that only YOU can make yourself feel and be successful!


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